1. Area of Interest: Youth

“Welcome to second semester, Mel, you must now choose an area of interest for which you are to focus on forever*”- Online News 2.

This semester, this blog will focus on youth culture. I don’t mean whizz-bang technology the kids of today use, or the songs they listen to – I mean the issues surrounding Generation Z, why these issues exist and what we know about them.

This semester will see me critically assess academic works that discuss such problems facing teenagers in Australia and abroad. Is it their use of alcohol, drugs, celebrity worship, body image, the media and upbringing?

How do these affect youth and the way in which they act and progress through their adolescent and subsequent adult years?

Well, I’m not too sure yet! But that’s exactly what I will attempt to discover over the next 14 weeks.

The 21st Century has seen  massive influence placed on body image and celebrity status, with teenagers taking the most influence from reality stars and unlikely ‘role models’. Does this affect their behaviour in a negative way?

It’s a highly contentious issue, but looking at underage binge drinking, teenage pregnancies and unemployment (and hey, the London riots anyone?), it is easy to see that teens are dealing with a plethora of issues that may or may not directly result from their formative pre-teen years.

Do parents pose a problem? Is public school more likely to produce problem teens? Does creamed corn actually taste good?

It’s easy to jump to conclusions and make a snap judgement when it comes to problems of youth, but this semester will be a critical analysis that will hopefully shed some light on why teens are like they are…with a little help from the internet, scholars, not-so-scholars and their academic/not-academic-at-all works.

I look forward to exploring this issue with you all.**

*This semester.

**One person may be reading this.

 Image credit: Taken from Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/22036287@N06/4468911841/, artist: I Woke Up Today. Labelled for reuse


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2 responses to “1. Area of Interest: Youth

  1. You’re hilarious. I look forward to reading more and finally getting an answer to those hard hitting questions! If you need a youth to talk to about these issues, I have some pretty wild room mates.

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