Who’s Talkin’ ‘Bout My Work?

Continuing on from my recent blog post about the nature of Youth Issues and how they are portrayed online, I set out to see what, if anything, was being said about my Area of Interest.

It’s quite hard to find scholars or media professionals who have published works in the area of positive youth action, so I started by looking at who was plainly talking about positive youth engagement.

Ariadne Vroman from the University of Sydney and Philippa Collin of Inspire Foundation, speak about youth-led and youth participation in policy making and the affect it has on both the policies but also those involved in their article, ‘Everyday youth participation? Contrasting views from Australian policymakers and youth people’.

As Vroman and Collin discover,

      it was found that participation and active involvement in decision making was 
meaningful for young people when it was youth-led, fun and informal, and based 
on relevant, everyday issues rather than complex policy processes.

It is hard to critique this article on the basis of how it applied to my Area of Interest, as it doesn’t wholly cover it (nothing does really, I picked a gooden), but what it does do is give me an insight into ONE facet of positive youth action and the consequences it has. In this way it’s easier for me to garner what kind of angle to steer my Area of Interest.

One of the more interesting ideas put forward is the notion of youths being a part of the political process that adults normally are in order to breath fresh life into policies and to make youth-themed policies achievable and relevant to the audience they are intended for. What a great idea- zing!

In this way, it looks as though there is a place for online content that focuses on youth-led initiatives that will take some attention from the plethora of negative online content.

The article can be found at:



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