What Is The Most Common Form Of Content?

This time ’round I’m having a look at what the most common form of content on the web is in relation to my Area of Interest (it’s not just a catchy blog title).

So, was it help networks? Case studies? Personal stories? Negativity (…the dreaded word)?

By the looks of it, a lot of it involved information on dealing with any issues you may have as a youth safely and in a healthy envionment. This was most evident in sites like Headspace.

There was also a common content thread of positive examples of youth vigilance and youths helping the community. This was seen on sites like AusYouth and The Australian Youth Mentoring Network.

In this way it is clear that the content is based primarily on illustrating there are those support networks that are available for teens to take advantage of. The second most popular form on content surrounding my Area of Interest seems to be focused on case studies and success stories of those that may have used the services available and thus turned their life around. Other case studies show youths that are helping their community and trying to make a difference in the world.

From here it will be interesting to see the way in which support networks help or hinder the process of attempting to get troubled teens back on the right track and away from issues that may be detrimental to the community.

Think riots.

Or not.


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