Who Should I Be Following?

As creepy as that sounds, this week I had to track down some Twitter users that are in line with my Area of Interest.

Firstly I began to think about the kind of user I should follow- youths? Youth organisations? Journalists with strong opinions on youths? Gloria Estefan?

I settled on searching for all of the above (minus the last one).

The first Twitter account I came across was Headspace Australia . So I clicked ‘follow’. Why? Within their Twitter feed I was exposed to countless links and articles highlighting the fabulous work going on to help troubled teens. Not only that though, but it seems that Headspace is a great tool for championing the idea of youths- in a positive light.

Just like my Area of Interest- *bing bing bing bing*.

Another great Twitter account to follow is Aus Youth which “is a project aimed at inspiring debate between young people on social media channels and raising awareness about the issues that concern young people.”

This account provides a great supplement for research into my Area of Interest and will point me in many directions where I can gauge the extent as to which youth issues are covered in a positive way- a way that reinforces faith in the younger generations.

These two Twitter accounts in particular give me enough information on who is talking about particular issues such as mental health and eating disorders.

Through Aus Youth, I also came across Jan Owen who is the CEO of the Foundation for Young Australians. By following her I’ve gained access to another news base of information on youths creating grassroots organisations and I’m learning about the different teenagers that are taking an active role in encouraging other youths to follow a safe and prosperous path through life.


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