My attempt at critically assessing research into my AOI

NICHE THIS WEEK: Youth vigilant groups and/or support networks: help or hinder?

This week I am to critically assess any research found about the audience or participants related to my Area of Interest (AOI). This proved to be a tad tricky as there isn’t a terribly large amount of research done into youth websites so I decided to search for research in the following ways:

  • Searching for demographic information of the Reach Out and various other youth support network and information websites.
  • Searching for any research findings pertaining to readership, contributions (who? what? where?) and anything else that may help to decipher where information related to my AOI is coming from and from whom?

Firstly, I used the trusty tool some call “Google” to see firstly where youth support websites are getting their hits. I came across a report on The Reach Out! Rural and Regional Tour (RORRT).

This tour stemmed from the Reach Out website, and aimed to educate the youth on ways in which to promote mental health through the website, which leads me to believe that the people that are participating in the tour are the kind of people that would visit the site. According to data obtained through the RORRT through surveys on internet use:

“The mean age of students surveyed was 15 years with a range of 12 to 17 years.”

By searching the Reach Out website by itself, I also obtained data pertaining to the demographic that the website aims their content at. Interestingly, although through the tour it was discovered the mean age of users was 15 years, the Reach Out website accommodated those aged 14-25. In this way it is obvious that my niche has a very large market and possibly there is a gap to fill within the ages of 17-25.

PIC CREDIT: Sourced from The Word Guy.


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