IS this niche sustainable?

Am I confident that my area of interest (AOI) can welcome and sustain participation or intervention into the market?

In short- yes.

Through thoroughly searching the interwebs for a sign my AOI has been taken up in the mass market, I am fairly certain my area is a new establishment. In general, there is a lot of information around surrounding my AOI, however by bringing all this information together into one neat little online package, I’m filling an online niche.

The market itself is saturated with information about youth groups and organisations, however it is spread out amongst 156432013 different sites, not compiled. I’m not saying that I will be able to find each piece of online information about youth organisations in Australia but I want to make it easier for someone who may be searching for youth organisations on right-wing politics for instance, to find information on what these groups are doing.

This is the variation I will cover. What is the Australian Youth Forum doing this week? What about the Christian Youth Ministry? Well this is what my niche addresses- the actions and activities of youth organisations over Australia and what they are doing to assist the youth of our country.

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