New Niche: Youth Around The Country- positive news and views of youth organisations in Australia.

Another week, another AOI refined. This week I am to compile a timeline of what has been happening within my niche.

I chose to have a look at the Australian Youth Forum’s news page to see what was happening and being achieved within the forum.

I first of all decided to cover what was happening in the forum news over the past two months, starting on 1st of August with information about the 2011 Census. Here the AYF was working together with the Council of International Students of Australia to bring awareness of the importance of the census.

Every now and then, members of the AYF will give updates of what has been happening within the organisation, which brings me to 4th August with Thalia’s update.

On the 16th August, the AYF spruiked a survey about the website itself, giving users an opportunity to raise their voices and opinions on the website- creating a rather open and transparent site that is obviously open to viewer participation.

The 24th August gave readers another update from Ian– a member of the AYF.

An entry on the 31st August caught my attention- it was advertising for anyone who has had/is having trouble with their current phone provider or plan and to post their views to the forum. Would be interesting to chase up where ideas went and how they were dealt with…

6th September saw the AYF asking for youth opinion on the Natural Cultural Policy.

12th September saw an update on a recent forum on youth opinion about apprenticeship programs.

22nd September saw another update from a AYF steering committee member, Sara.

All in all, after having a look at what members are doing around the website it is plain to see that this organisation is very up-to-date and their main aim is to communicate with other members and the public in an on-going basis.


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