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The revolution that is Tropfest

Tropfest, the world’s biggest short film festival (or something like that) is over for another year.

And, yet again, it didn’t fail to impress. Oh the wit. Oh the humour. Oh the beatboxing animals. (We’ll get to that later though.)

What did you all think? Are these movies not the most amazing three minutes of your life?! Okay, so perhaps I don’t have the most riveting life, but c’mon, these tidbits of comic genius (and sometimes downright depressive noir) command the same level of respect as any feature film.

I love TF time. When they release the DVD in the Sydney Morning Herald. And i’m too late and they’ve already sold out. So I borrow it off a friend. And lose it. Then she starts hating me.

Ahhh TF time.

Here’s the 2011 winner.

And last years winner.

And even 2009’s winner.

Yep, I still get the sniffles after that one.

But, see how different these all are! There is never a set genre, the filming techniques nor the actors do not matter, yet every year there is a winner that has made a film vastly different from the previous.

Can you imagine how dull life would be if Tropfest wasn’t there to breathe some originality into it?

Pretty dull.


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What 80’s movies have taught us

Ahh 80’s movies. Love them or loathe, one cannot deny their teaching capabilities. Men in Black didn’t teach us anything. Beautiful Mind didn’t teach us anything. No, not even True Grit implanted any new knowledge into our mindset.

It was the 80’s that heightened our mental capacity. Yes. I wasn’t even born in the 80’s but I too have been one of the many to benefit from the amazing contribution to Hollywood, nay, The World, that is 80’s movies.

We salute you, John Hughes.

Detention can be fun

Just look to The Breakfast Club gang.

The Breakfast Club

Skipping school is beneficial

Take note from Ferris Bueller for this one.

Ferris and his gang, courtesy of Captain's Dead

Also, another thing Ferris taught us:

If a parade is happening, just jump in, shimmy and shake and top off a great day of wagging. Don’t worry, you won’t get caught!

Pretty in Pink taught us the good girl wins in the end

What a pretty dress, courtesy of

Never piss off the paper boy, as Better Off Dead will tell us, they always want their two dollars…until they fall off a cliff.


Will 90’s or noughties movies ever garner a WordPress post like this?


But for purposes of this post, no, no they will not.

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